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Psychology and Neuroscience

2000 —Brain-wave representation of words by superposition of a few sine waves

2001 —A model of eye movements and visual working memory during problem solving in geometry

2003 —Review of C. W. van Staden, Linguistic markers of recovery: Underpinnings of first person pronoun usage and semantic positions of patients

2004 —Classification of individual trials based on the best independent component of EEG-recorded sentences

2005 —Psychological nature of verification of informal mathematical proofs. In We Will Show Them: Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay, Vol 1 and 2
2005 —Tikhonov-based regularization of a global optimum approach of one-layer neural networks with fixed transfer function by convex optimization
2005 —Recognition of Words from the EEG Laplacian

2006 —Donald Davidson (Biographical Memoir)
2006 —Ramsey’s psychological theory of belief
2006 —Memories of Donald Davidson
2006 —Multichannel classification of single EEG trials with independent component analysis
2006 —Interpretation of perceptron weights as constructed time series for EEG classification

2007 —Single-trial classification of MEG recordings

2008 —Quantifying inter-subject agreement in brain-imaging analyses
2008 —A Revised Agenda for Philosophy of Mind (and Brain)
2008 —Interview with Patrick Suppes
2008 —A reflective conversation with Patrick Suppes: A philosopher scientist

2009 —Structural decomposition of EEG signatures of melodic processing
2009 —Neuropsychological Foundations of Philosophy
2009 —Partial Orders of Similarity Differences Invariant Between EEG-Recorded Brain and Perceptual Representations of Language
2009 —EEG Classification by ICA Source Selection of Laplacian-filtered Data

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