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Psychology and Neuroscience

1990 —Eye-movement models for arithmetic and reading performance
1990 —Problems of extension, representation, and computational irreducibility (Commentary)

1991 —Can psychological software be reduced to physiological hardware?
1991 —The principle of invariance with special reference to perception

1992 —Estes' statistical learning theory: Past, present, and future
1992 —Problem spaces, language and connectionism: Issues for cognition

1994 —Representations and models in psychology
1994 —Stochastic Models of Reading
1994 —Voluntary motion, biological computation, and free will

1995 —Some foundational problems in the theory of visual space

1997 —Brain-wave recognition of words

1998 —Brain-wave recognition of sentences
1998 —Concept learning rates and transfer performance of several multivariate neural network models

1999 —Biographical Memoir of Ernest Nagel
1999 —Invariance between subjects of brain wave representations of language
1999 —Invariance of brain-wave representations of simple visual images and their names

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