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Psychology and Neuroscience

1970 —Learning and the structure of information

1972 —Structural variables that determine the speed of retrieving words from long-term memory
1972 —Stochastic models in mathematical learning theory

1973 —Theory of automata and its application to psychology
1973 —Biography

1974 —A survey of cognition in handicapped children
1974 —Automata
1974 —Foundations of stimulus sampling theory
1974 —Cognition: A survey

1975 —From behaviorism to neobehaviorism
1975 —On the generation and classification of defence mechanisms

1976 —Syntax and semantics of children's language
1976 —La compr√©hension des marques d'appartenance par les enfants

1977 —A survey of contemporary learning theories
1977 —Learning theory for probabilistic automata and register machines, with applications to educational research
1977 —Is visual space Euclidean?

1978 —Psychoanalysis and American elementary education
1978 —A philosopher as psychologist

1979 —The logic of clinical judgment: Bayesian and other approaches
1979 —Probabilistic modelling of the child's productions

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