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Psychology and Neuroscience

1960 —Stimulus sampling theory for a continuum of responses

1961 —Stochastic learning theories for a response continuum with non-determinate reinforcement
1961 —Test of stimulus sampling theory for a continuum of responses with unimodal noncontingent determinate reinforcement
1961 —Applications of stimulus sampling theory to situations involving social pressure
1961 —The psychology of set theory. Review of Léo Apostel, A. R. Jonckheere, and Benjamin Matalon
1961 — Review of R. Duncan Luce, Individual choice behavior: A theoretical analysis

1962 —Application of a stimulus sampling model to children's concept formation with and without overt correction responses
1962 —Experimental analysis of a duopoly situation from the standpoint of mathematical learning theory
1962 —Experimental studies of mathematical concept formation in young children
1962 —Test of some learning models for double contingent reinforcement
1962 —Analysis of social conformity in terms of generalized conditioning models

1963 —A fundamental property of all-or-none models, binomial distribution of responses prior to conditioning, with application to concept formation in children

1964 —On an example of unpredictability in human behavior
1964 —Probability learning of rats in continuous-time experiments
1964 —Problems of optimization in learning a list of simple items
1964 —Some current developments in models of learning for a continuum of responses
1964 —A simple discrimination experiment with a continuum of responses
1964 —Empirical comparison of models for a continuum of responses with noncontingent bimodal reinforcement

1965 —Latencies on last error in paired-associate learning
1965 —Observable changes of hypotheses under positive reinforcement
1965 —On the behavioral foundations of mathematical concepts
1965 —Towards a behavioral foundation of mathematical proofs
1965 —The kinematics and dynamics of concept formation

1966 —Mathematical concept formation in children
1966 —A continuous-response task with nondeterminate, contingent reinforcement
1966 —A model for response latency in paired-associate learning
1966 —Towards a Behavioral Psychology of Mathematical Thinking
1966 —The Psychology of Arithmetic

1967 —The psychological foundations of mathematics
1967 —Foundations of stimulus-sampling theory for continuous-time processes
1967 —Some problems in the geometry of visual perception
1967 —Conclusion (of Colloquium) and Discussion
1967 —Review of Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner, Human Behavior: An Inventory of Scientific Findings

1968 —Concept formation by kindergarten children in a card-sorting task
1968 —Higher-order dimensions in concept identification
1968 —Entry in the International Encyclopedia of Statistics: Models, mathematical

1969 —Stimulus-response theory of finite automata
1969 —Stimulus-response theory of automata and TOTE hierarchies: A reply to Arbib
1969 —Behaviorism

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