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1990 —Probabilistic causality in quantum mechanics

1991 —New Bell-type inequalities for N > 4 necessary for existence of a hidden variable
1991 —Indeterminism or instability, Does it matter?
1991 —Existence of hidden variables having only upper probabilities

1993 —The transcendental character of determinism

1994 — Diffraction with well-defined photon trajectories: A foundational analysis
1994 —In Appreciation of the Work of Alexandre Froda
1994 —A random walk approach to interference

1995 —A Descoberta dos Raios X

1996 —A particle theory of the Casimir effect
1996 —Photons, billiards and chaos
1996 —Violation of Bell's inequalities with a local theory of photons

1998 —Pragmatism in Physics
1998 —A Collection of Probabilistic Hidden-Variable Theorems and Counterexamples

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