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1953 —Philosophy and the axiomatic foundations of physics
1953 —Transformations of systems of classical particle mechanics
1953 —Axiomatic foundations of classical particle mechanics
1953 —Review of P. W. Bridgman, The nature of some of our physical concepts

1954 —Transformations of systems of relativistic particle mechanics
1954 —Descartes and the problem of action at a distance
1954 —Review of Paulette Destouches-Février, La structure des théories physiques
1954 —Review of Alfonso Caracciolo di Forino, Sur la construction du language de la physique

1955 —On the notion of invariance in classical mechanics

1957 —Review of Ernest H. Hutten, The language of modern physics: An introduction to the philosophy of science

1959 —Axioms for relativistic kinematics with or without parity

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