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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

2001 —Weak and strong reversibility of causal processes. In M. C. Galavotti, P. Suppes & D. Costantini, (Eds.), Stochastic Causality.
2001 —Axiomatic theories

2002 —Representational Measurement Theory

2003 —Rationality, habits and freedom

2004 —Book review: Between chance and choice: Interdisciplinary perspectives on determinism, edited by H. Atmanspacher and R. Bishop

2005 —The Interview with Patrick Suppes.
2005 —The pre-history of Kenneth Arrow's social choice and individual values.

2006 —Ernest Nagel
2006 —Transitive indistinguishability and approximate measurement with standard finite ratio-scale representations
2006 —Four varieties of Libertarianism concerning rights, freedom, and basic needs
2006 —Essays in Honour of Patrick Suppes

2007 —Statistical concepts in philosophy of science
2007 —Where do Bayesian priors come from?
2007 —Causality and Computation

2008 —The good and the bad, the true and the false
2008 —Some Remarks on Probalistic Causes

2009 —Some Philosophical Reflections on de Finetti's Thought
2009 —Probability and statistics 5 questions: Interview with Patrick Suppes
2009 —Future development of scientific structures closer to experiments: Response to F.A. Muller
2009 —Measurement Theory and Engineering

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