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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

1990 —On deriving models in the social sciences

1991 —Rules of proportion in architecture
1991 —Metaphysics V: Probabilistic Metaphysics

1992 —Qualitative axioms for random-variable representation of exten- sive quantities
1992 —Axiomatic methods in science

1994 —Learning and projectibility
1994 —The definability of the qualitative independence of events in terms of extended indicator functions
1994 —Ernest Nagel
1994 —Qualitative Theory of Subjective Probability

1995 —Principles that transcend experience: Kant's antinomies revisited
1995 —A pluralistic view of foundations of science

1996 —Modelli
1996 —The nature and measurement of freedom
1996 —Mastery learning of elementary mathematics: Theory and data

1997 —A pluralistic view of science and its uncertainties
1997 —Duncan Luce as measurement theorist
1997 —Freedom and uncertainty

1998 —Review of Kevin Kelly, The logic of reliable inquiry
1998 —Theory of measurement

1999 —The noninvariance of deterministic causal models

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