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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

1980 —Some remarks on statistical explanations
1980 —Probabilistic empiricism and rationality
1980 —Estimating total-test scores from partial scores in a matrix sampling design
1980 —Review of Ernest Nagel, Teleology Revisited, and Other Essays in the Philosophy and History of Science

1981 —When are probabilistic explanations possible?
1981 —The plurality of science
1981 —Scientific causal talk: A reply to Martin
1981 —The limits of rationality

1982 —Necessary and sufficient qualitative axioms for conditional probability
1982 —Alcuni risultati positivi e negativi sulla esistenza di cause
1982 —Problems of causal analysis in the social sciences
1982 —Rational allocation of resources to scientific research

1983 —Heuristics and the axiomatic method
1983 —Arguments for randomizing
1983 —The meaning of probability statements
1983 —Procedure scientifiche e razionalit√†
1983 —Probability and information (Commentary)

1984 —Conflicting intuitions about causality

1985 —Explaining the unpredictable

1986 —Philosophy of science and public policy
1986 —Non-Markovian causality in the social sciences with some theorems on transitivity
1986 —Comment on "The Axioms of Subjective Probability" by Peter C. Fishburne
1986 —Review of Larry Laudan, Science and Values: The Aims of Science and their Role in Scientific Debate

1987 —Maximizing freedom of decision: an axiomatic analysis
1987 —Propensity representations of probability
1987 —Some further remarks on propensity: Reply to Maria Carla Galavotti
1987 —Axiomatic theories

1988 —Lorenz curves for various processes: A pluralistic approach to equity
1988 —Representation theory and the analysis of structure
1988 —Empirical structures
1988 —Advice to graduate students
1988 —Comment: Causality,Complexity and Determinism
1988 —Review of Henry E. Kyburg, Jr., Theory and Measurement

1989 —Philosophy and the Sciences
1989 —Conditions on upper and lower probabilities to imply probabilities
1989 —Review of Duncan, O.D., Notes on social measurement: Historical and critical

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