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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

1970 —A Probabilistic Theory of Causality

1972 —Finite equal-interval measurement structures
1972 —Veroyatnostnaya teoria prichinosti
1972 —On the problems of using mathematics in the development of the social sciences
1972 —Measurement: Problems of theory and application

1973 —New foundations of objective probability: Axioms for propensities
1973 —The concept of obligation in the context of decision theory

1974 —The measurement of belief
1974 —The axiomatic method in the empirical sciences
1974 —The essential but implicit role of modal concepts in science
1974 —Theory of Measurement
1974 —The structure of theories and the analysis of data

1975 —Approximate probability and expectation of gambles
1975 —A probabilistic analysis of causality

1976 —Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence of a unique measure strictly agreeing with a qualitative probability ordering
1976 —Testing theories and the foundations of statistics
1976 —Archimedes's anticipation of conjoint measurement

1977 —Some remarks about complexity
1977 —The distributive justice of income inequality
1977 —On using random relations to generate upper and lower probabilities
1977 —Review of K.S. Fu, Syntactic Methods in Pattern Recognition

1979 —El estudio de las revoluciones científicas: teoría y metodología
1979 —The role of formal methods in the philosophy of science
1979 —Self-profile
1979 —Replies

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