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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

1960 —Some asymptotic properties of Luce's beta learning model
1960 —Some open problems in the foundations of subjective probability
1960 —Review of Tapas Majumdar, The measurement of utility

1961 —The philosophical relevance of decision theory
1961 —Behavioristic foundations of utility
1961 —Review of G.W. Scott Blair, Measurements of Mind and Matter

1962 —Models of data
1962 —Recent developments in utility theory

1963 —Basic measurement theory

1965 —Preference, utility and subjective probability

1966 —Concept formation and Bayesian decisions
1966 —Probabilistic inference and the concept of total evidence
1966 —A Bayesian approach to the paradoxes of confirmation
1966 —Some formal models of grading principles

1967 —Decision theory
1967 —What is a scientific theory?

1968 —Information processing and choice behavior
1968 —The desirability of formalization in science

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