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Methodology, Probability and Measurement

1951 —A set of independent axioms for extensive quantities

1954 —Some remarks on problems and methods in the philosophy of science
1954 —Review of Tadeusz Czezowski, On certainty in empirical sciences
1954 —Review of Arne Naess, Philosophers and research in the soft sciences

1955 —A note on two-place predicates and fitting sequences of measure functions
1955 —An axiomatization of utility based on the notion of utility differences
1955 —Outlines of a formal theory of value, I.
1955 —Review of R. M. Thrall, C. H. Combs, and R. L. Davis (Eds.), Decision Processes
1955 —Review of Herbert Feigl and May Brodbeck , Readings in the philosophy of science

1956 —A finitistic axiomatization of subjective probability and utility
1956 —Nelson Goodman on the concept of logical simplicity
1956 —The role of subjective probability and utility in decision-making

1958 —Foundational aspects of theories of measurement
1958 —Review of R. B. Braithwaite, Theory of games as a tool for the moral philosopher
1958 —Review of Harold Jeffreys, Scientific inference. Second edition
1958 —Review of Henryk Mehlberg, The reach of science

1959 —A model for the experimental measurement of the utility of gambling
1959 —A non-linear model for the experimental measurement of utility
1959 —Chains of infinite order and their application to learning theory
1959 —Measurement, empirical meaningfulness and three-valued logic
1959 —Review of Maurice Allais, Fondements d’une théorie positive des choix comportant un risque et critique des postulats et axioms de l’Ecole Américaine

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