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Language and Logic

1980 —Procedural semantics
1980 —Entries in Handbuch wissenschaftstheoretischer Begriffe

1981 —Direct inference in English
1981 —CAI course in axiomatic set theory
1981 —CAI course in logic

1982 —Variable-free semantics with remarks on procedural extensions

1983 —Language learning in the limit

1984 —The next generation of interactive theorem provers
1984 —A puzzle about responses and congruence of meaning
1984 —Student use of an interactive theorem prover

1986 —The primacy of utterer's meaning
1986 —Congruency theory of propositions

1988 —Philosophical implications of Tarski's work
1988 —Context-fixing semantics for the language of action

1989 —Geometrical semantics for spatial prepositions
1989 —Commemorative Meeting for Alfred Tarski, Stanford University, November 7, 1983
1989 —An interactive calculus theorem-prover for continuity properties

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