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Language and Logic

1970 —Probabilistic grammars for natural languages

1971 —Young children's comprehension of logical connectives

1973 —Semantics of context-free fragments of natural languages
1973 —Congruence of meaning

1974 —On the grammar and model-theoretic semantics of children's noun phrases
1974 —The French syntax of a child's noun phrases
1974 —Model-theoretic semantics for natural language
1974 —The semantics of children's language

1976 —Elimination of quantifiers in the semantics of natural language by use of extended relation algebras

1978 —Steps toward a variable-free semantics of attributive adjectives, possessives, and intensifying adverbs

1979 —Variable-free semantics for negations with prosodic variation
1979 —Logical inference in English: A preliminary analysis

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