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Language and Logic

1960 —A comparison of the meaning and uses of models in mathematics and the empirical sciences
1960 —Problem analysis and ordinary language
1960 —Review of Robert M. Exner and Myron F. Rosskopf, Logic in elementary mathematics

1962 —Vague, Outdated Ideas (Review of W. Windelband, Theories in Logic)
1962 —Review of Paul Bernays & Abraham A. Fraenkel, Axiomatic Set Theory

1964 —Latency phenomena in prolonged learning of visual representations of Russian sounds

1965 —Logics appropriate to empirical theories

1968 —Quantifier-free axioms for constructive plane geometry
1968 —Entry in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences: Mathematics

1969 —Nagel's lectures on Dewey's logic

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