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Computers and Education

1990 —Robots that learn: A test of intelligence
1990 —Instruction dialogues: Teaching new skills to a robot
1990 —Three current tutoring systems and future needs
1990 —Uses of artificial intelligence in computer based instruction
1990 —Intelligent tutoring, but not intelligent enough

1992 —Instructional computers: Past, present, and future

1994 —Gifted students' individual differences in computer-based algebra and precalculus courses

1995 —Computer-based instruction brings advanced-placement physics to gifted students
1995 —Computer-based advanced placement calculus for gifted students
1995 —Computer-Based Mathematics and Physics for Gifted Students

1996 —Education and technology at Stanford in the twenty-first century
1996 —The aims of education

1997 —Perception, models, and data: Some comments

1999 —Development and analysis of a mathematics aptitude test for gifted elementary school students
1999 —Successful pedagogical applications of symbolic computation

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