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Computers and Education

1980 —Considerations in evaluating individualized instruction
1980 —Computer-assisted instruction in logic at Stanford

1981 —Data compression of linear-prediction (LP) analyzed speech
1981 —Future educational uses of interactive theorem proving
1981 —Studies of student preference for computer-assisted instruction with audio
1981 —Testing intelligibility of computer-generated speech with elementary-school children

1982 —On the effectiveness of educational research
1982 —Historical perspective on educational technology
1982 —Sur les expĂ©riences d'enseignement assistĂ© par ordinateur dans divers autres pays

1984 —A note on discourse with an instructable robot
1984 —Computers: Past, present and future
1984 —Observations About the Application of Artificial Intelligence Research to Education

1985 —Natural-language interface for an instructable robot
1985 —Computer-assisted instruction: Possibilities and problems

1986 —Computers and education in the 21st century

1987 —Context-fixing semantics for instructable robots
1987 —Types of verbal interaction with instructable robots

1988 —Using English to instruct a robotic aid: an experiment in an office-like environment
1988 —Lo sviluppo dell'apprendimento computerizzato
1988 —Computer-assisted instruction

1989 —Computers at Stanford: An Overview

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