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Computers and Education

1970 —Four programs in computer-assisted instruction
1970 —Estimated costs of computer assisted instruction for compensatory education in urban areas
1970 —Technological innovations: Computer-assisted instruction and compensatory education
1970 —Accelerated program in elementary-school mathematics: The fourth year
1970 —Systems analysis of computer-assisted instruction
1970 —Computer-assisted instruction

1971 —Computer assisted instruction for deaf students
1971 —Technology in education
1971 —The computer teaches arithmetic

1972 —Computer-assisted instruction at Stanford
1972 —Structural variables that determine problem-solving difficulty in computer-assisted instruction
1972 —Computer-assisted instruction
1972 —A computer-assisted instruction program for exercises on finding axioms
1972 —Computer assisted instruction in reading: Grades 4-6
1972 —Alternatives through computers

1973 —Facts and fantasies of education
1973 —Computer confrontation (Interview)

1974 —Structural variables affecting CAI performance on arithmetic word problems of disadvantaged and deaf students
1974 —Computer-assisted instruction in mathematics and language arts for deaf students
1974 —The promise of universal higher education
1974 —The place of theory in educational research
1974 —The effectiveness of alternative instructional media: A survey
1974 —Mathematical models of learning and performance in a CAI setting
1974 —The Committee on Basic Research in Education: A four year tryout of basic science funding procedures

1975 —The school of the future: Technological possibilities
1975 —Performance models of American Indian students on computer-assisted instruction in elementary mathematics
1975 —Impact of computers on curriculum in the schools and universities
1975 —The Nicaragua radio mathematics project

1976 —The Stanford project on computer-assisted instruction for hearing-impaired students
1976 —Cost and performance of computer-assisted instruction for education of disadvantaged children
1976 —Evaluation studies of CCC elementary-school curriculums, 1971-1975
1976 —Computer-assisted instruction in elementary logic at the university level
1976 —Survey of the instructional use of radio, television, and computers in the United States
1976 —Models of individual trajectories in computer-assisted instruction for deaf students
1976 —Home Based Education: Needs and technological opportunities

1977 —University-level computer-assisted instruction at Stanford: 1975
1977 —Computer usage in the Nicaragua Radio Mathematics Project
1977 —The Nicaragua Radio Mathematics Project

1978 —Achievement levels of students learning primary-school mathematics by radio in Nicaragua
1978 —Performance models of undergraduate students on computer-assisted instruction in elementary logic
1978 —The historical path from research and development to operational use of CAI
1978 —The future of computers in education
1978 —The role of global psychological models in instructional technology
1978 —Formal evaluation of the 1976 first-grade instructional program
1978 —La informática en la educación

1979 —Current trends in computer-assisted instruction
1979 —Past, present and future educational technologies
1979 —Toward optimal allocation of instructional resources: Dividing computer-assisted instruction time among students
1979 —Projecting student trajectories in a computer-assisted instruction curriculum
1979 —The future of computers in education

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