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Computers and Education

1961 —Sets and numbers in grade one, 1959-1960

1962 —Mathematical logic for the schools
1962 —The concept of set

1963 —Set theory in the primary grades

1964 —Modern learning theory and the elementary-school curriculum
1964 —The formation of mathematical concepts in primary-grade children
1964 —The ability of elementary-school children to learn the new mathematics

1965 —Accelerated program in elementary-school mathematics: The first year
1965 —Learning the new mathematics
1965 —Experimental teaching of mathematical logic in the elementary school
1965 —Computer-based mathematics instruction

1966 —The axiomatic method in high school mathematics
1966 —Accelerated program in elementary-school mathematics: The second year
1966 —The uses of computers in education
1966 —Applications of mathematical models of learning in education
1966 —Arithmetic drills and review on a computer-based teletype
1966 —Plug-in instruction
1966 —Adding up the new math
1966 —Tomorrow's education

1967 —The case for information-oriented (basic) research in mathematics education
1967 —Linear structural models for response and latency performance in arithmetic on computer-controlled terminals
1967 —Some counting models for first-grade performance data on simple addition facts
1967 —Accelerated program in elementary-school mathematics: The third year
1967 —Some theoretical models for mathematics learning
1967 —On using computers to individualize instruction
1967 —Computer-based instruction
1967 —The computer and excellence
1967 —The teaching machine
1967 —The teacher and computer-assisted instruction

1968 —Can there be a normative philosophy of education?
1968 —Discussion-educational technology: New myths and old realities
1968 —Computer technology and the future of education
1968 —How far have we come? What's just ahead? (Interview)

1969 —Computer-assisted instruction
1969 —Computer-assisted instruction: An overview of operations and problems
1969 —Problem-solving on a computer-based teletype
1969 —A workshop on computer-assisted instruction in elementary mathematics
1969 —Computer-assisted instruction at Stanford
1969 —Some perspectives on computer-assisted instruction
1969 —Computer-assisted instruction at Stanford

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